PRE34 – The Monster Mix

It’s All Treat and no Tricks in Badd Kitti’s funky Halloween Special

Part 1 – Curse of the Purple One (Podcast Subscribers)
Why is it that the career of every artist who was ever dubbed “The Next Prince” ended in utter failure?
Could it be The Curse of the Purple One???
In this episode, Badd Kitti explores her spooky observation – and presents some very ghoulish evidence that Prince had a supernatural musical mojo!

Part 2 – The Monster Mix (Web Exclusive)
Badd Kitti reaches into her Trick Bag and pulls out a spellbinding mix that’ll sho’nuf bring the Freaks Out
Featuring Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Stevie Wonder, Cameo, Funkadelic, Midnight Star, Whodini, and much, much more!

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