Refund and Returns Policy

Tanks for Shopping with Badd Kitti!
Our Print On Demand Provider is SPOD. Their Refund/Return Policy is as follows.
Please contact SPOD directly with any issues with your order. Thank You!

SPOD will not grant a refund, credit your account, or replace a printed product unless

  • the product was misprinted
  • the product was damaged (excluding damages during delivery)
  • the product does not match the fulfillment information (e.g., the printed image is incorrect or placed incorrectly, the product is the wrong size, color, or type, etc.).

SPOD has the sole discretion to grant a refund (including the refund method), credit your account, or replace a printed product. In order to request a refund, credit, or replacement, you must send a photograph and a brief explanation of the problem to SPOD via email at (SPOD USA) or (SPOD EU) within 30 days of delivery.

For clarification, SPOD will not grant a refund, credit your account, or replace a printed product solely because:

  • it was unsatisfactory for any reason (excluding the matching of the provided fulfillment information)
  • the shipping provider did not complete delivery/the delivery was late

In such cases, you must place a new order, or the recipient of the individual order must attempt to resolve the delivery dispute with the shipping provider.