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PRE32 - The Funk ABCs - Part 2

The Funk Excursion with Badd Kitti
The Funk Excursion with Badd Kitti
PRE32 - The Funk ABCs - Part2

About the Episode

On this episode, Badd Kitti plays the Funk from A-Z!

The Funk ABCs originally came about when a radio station manager doubted that there was enough funk music to do a weekly show. Not only did Badd Kitti play a totally unique set every week for the first year, but for the month of September, (the month the show debuted), she played the sets alphabetially. Six years later, and going strong, The Funk Excursion still endeavors to bring a unique set of classic, new and rare funk grooves to listeners every week. 

Do You Know Your Funk ABCs?

Part 1 – A to L
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Part 2 – M to Z
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About the Podcast

The Funk Excursion with Badd Kitti” takes listeners on a musical journey through the history and culture of funk, with thoughtfully curated topics designed to be educational as well as entertaining. In addition to a mean mix of rare grooves and b-sides, the program provides background and insights that contextualize funk as not just music of a bygone area,  but an influential and ever evolving contemporary art form. 
Episodes are uploaded every 1st, 2nd and 3rd week of the month.

About the Producer/Host

Badd Kitti, (a.k.a. Brieze Thompsonis a multi-talented keyboardist, vocalist, composer, band leader, and educator, working in the Philadelphia area. Her role as a pioneer of the city’s mid-2000’s funk revival earned her the title , ‘Philadelphia’s Queen of Funk‘.
Badd Kitti’s lifelong love of funk music, coupled with her experience as a professional musician, combine to offer a unique and insightful perspective on the program’s topic. 



The Funk Excursion with BaDD Kitti

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